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Aug 6, 2020

A mysterious dream heralds the arrival of a dangerous threat - Ronan the Accuser - and the Fantastic Four find themselves without allies to face it. But what does Ronan want with the Four? And why does it take them to Earth's moon? Join me as I return to breaking down Fantastic Four volume 3 with issues 13 and 14.

Jul 30, 2020

Man of Steel 115 sees Superman - and the population of Metropolis - ABDUCTED BY ALIENS. And when Superman learns who is behind it, he finds that nothing is what it seems. Then, in Action Comics 780, President Luthor orders Superman to Berlin, to save the city from the invading General. Who is this masked man and...

Jul 23, 2020

Breakdown makes a surprise stop at 2001's Superman crossover event, Our Worlds at War this time around. Join me as I breakdown Superman's attempt to save the kidnapped planet Pluto, his battle against the Suicide Squad, and President Luthor's attempt to save the planet - as war looms over it.

Jul 16, 2020

The Fantastic Four go to war-torn Genosha in order to save their kidnapped member, Reed Richards. But against the combined might of Ayesha and Crucible, in a land where they aren't welcome, do they stand a chance? Join me as I finishing breaking down the first year of Fantastic Four volume 3 with issues 11 and 12.

Jul 9, 2020

The Human Torch's old pal, Spider-Man, swings by for a visit and, with new character Caledonia, they must survive the deadly traps of Kraven the Hunter! Then, in issue 10, the spotlight shifts to Mr. Fantastic, as his lack of brilliance becomes evident - and a kidnapping attempt by the nation of Genosha takes full...